Grekisk musik
Den grekiska folkmusikgruppen i Norden

Taximi has been awarded the 2012 prestigious STURE LINÉR PRIZE!


Takes the audience to a sunny Greece
 Imagine that you are sitting at a local tavern a summer evening in a Greek city.
The sun is on its way down but it is still 25 degrees and in the background you can hear the waves hit the beach.
This is the place TAXIMI takes their audience to and keep them until the end of the show and all friends have gone home. 
The group of five delivers harmonic and accurate songs with a precise Greek sound with Greek lyrics.
I get drawn along by the up-tempo melodies from their mystical Greek instruments, it is a sound I rarely meet
except from background music in movies when they are trying to tell you right now, we are in Greece. 
On a cold, grey, dull and rainy Tuesday like this one TAXIMI is just wonderful. They make us forget the sprinkling
rain that awaits us outside of the window, and puts us into an illusion of being in a warm and wonderful place.
Actually we are, because the inside of Almamia´s locality has a delightful atmosphere and the warmth
from the band and the audience raises the temperature remarkably. This combined with the music
that flows from the stage makes me feel like I could stay forever, just listening to these beautiful
melodies and the lovely singing, which sounds wonderful even though I do not understand the lyrics. 
But, as all good things in life, even this concert has an end. It feels weird to put on a jacket and drag yourself
out to the cold and rainy weather, I just want to go back inside to the warmth and the perfect music.
Linus Sjölinder
Dagbladet Sundsvall